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Three Tone S'kaa

Ska Beach

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There's rain outside again
And your job is keeping the pressure high
You girl’s got a new boyfriend
And on the TV only shit tonight...
You wanna get rid of this all,
fuck this system made of lies.
And sometimes you hear a call
And you know that one day you will rise

Pack your bags, stand up, let’s go
To the place, the sun will always shine
You should have gone there years ago
Follow me! I lead you to the
Ska Beach - where people always smile
Ska Beach - only friends are waiting there for you
Ska Beach - stay here for a while
Ska Beach - together we could make this dream come true

No matter what you wear,
if you’re black, white, striped or plaid or pink
No matter who you’ve been
Take a seat and share a drink!
Well, maybe apart from sunburn –
There’s absolutely no need to worry
Only laughing dancing, singing around
And no one needs to hurry

Pack your bags...

Ska Beach - where the sun will never sink
Ska Beach - a place of peace and harmony
Ska Beach - got a girl, a fag, a drink
Ska Beach - ska beach is just waiting there for you an’ me

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