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Same Old Song

deutsch original

The city’s light are dancin’ on the water
Hot august night, she’s out, tryin’ to make some friends
Silky moonlight shinin’ down and it feels so good
To hear that same ol’ song again, again, again, again:

„Do you wanna leave with me tonight?
I swear I’m gonna make you feel alright.
I could take you for a ride, if you come with me tonight...“

He’s in the back, she is looking far to hot
Two Cubra Libre, payin’, and the game went on
That bird has flown – he’s waiting fort he next episode
To find someone to sing the same ol’ song:
„Do you wanna leave with me tonight...“

Hangover in the morning, again a lonely night
As usual, somehow everything went wrong
This easy livin’ sometimes seems so fuckin’ hard
Despair is hidden in the nonsense of this same ol’ song:
„Do you wanna leave with me tonight...“

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