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Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
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Everybody's Jerk

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Monday morning - can’t stand the light
I hate to hear earlybirds sing!
I’m damaged, seems I need another night
A new week, I can’t stand to begin
It’s the same ol’ song, do I bore ya?
But I’m too pissed to sing „Sha-la-lee“
Longing for a weekend, I just hate my life:
Monday and I’m already on my knees.

And the Man is preaching: "It’s alright, c’mon boy, it’s not that bad!“
And the birds are tweeting „life is great, no use in being sad...“
But why am I everybody’s jerk?

Friday evening – good ol’ pub o’mine
A place to forget about it all.
Five beers later an’ I taste the good ol’ times
When they hadn’t got you by the balls.

And old Harry’ coughing „It’s alright, c’mon boy, look up, life’s great“
And Mrs. Truman’s noddin’ „Life is fine, gotta believe in your fate!“
But why am I everybody’s jerk?

Sunday morning – she rang once more
To back her bags to get away
How I love to see her face in the door,
best way to start a bloody new day!
And she’s preaching: „It’s alright boy, you’ll be doing fine,
it was my fault, but it will be getting better after some time, I’m sure“
Once again I’m everybody’s jerk!

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