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Shut up and Dance
Bavarian Ska Maniacs
Best of ... live!
A fistful of Offbeat
Sex sells
Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
Three Tone S'kaa


deutsch original

C’mon baby, we have got no time to waste
I know you want it, and you know I want it, too
Makes no sense to wait for better days
So hold on and listen, I know this to be true
This one here is called the real life
You may join in, or stay in your happy TV land
And so I’m counting now from one to five
And then I’m gonna piss off, you’ll never see me again

Again a chance to waste, to take
Don’t waste a life, don’t live a fake
Hey come on! It’s not easier when you drown in thinkin’
Hey come on! We got everything we need to come alive
Hey come on! There’s something that is called real livin’
Hey come on! I will count just once from one to five...

Come on buddy, there is no more time to waste
I know what you’d want and I know you got no clue
I don’t wanna hear another empty phrase
To apologize that you’re just a fucking fool
All that talkin’ about what you’d wished to be
You don’t move you ass – nothing will be happening
You’re a lazy motherfucker that is plain to see
And you, yourself have cut off both of your wings
Again a chance...

C’mon mama, tell me what you gonna do
Taste the flavors, life is offering to you
Add some spice, please and knock out ma shoes
You know quite well there is no more time to waste
Cause it makes no sense to wait for better days
Hey come on! It’s not easier...

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