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Shut up and Dance
Bavarian Ska Maniacs
Best of ... live!
1. Everybody Ska
2. Common Rude Boy
3. Tic Toc
4. Monkey On My Back
5. Slam
6. Skaska City
7. Caribbean Band
8. En Espanol
9. Pedro
10. Japanese Rude Boy
11. Blue Beat
12. Masturbation
13. Ninja
14. Russia
15. Katjusha
16. Ska Summer Night
17. Perverted Grandpa
18. Turn Off Your Radio
19. L'italiano

A fistful of Offbeat
Sex sells
Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
Three Tone S'kaa

Common Rude Boy

deutsch original

Everyday I drive around
As fast as the wheels are turning
People say "settle down
Like candles we both are burning"
My past has got holes in body and mind
My girl is close to perceiving
I got hope, I got a bluebeat soul
We'll see if she'll go on believing

I'm just a common rude boy
I'm angry, fucked in the head
I'm just a common rude boy
Just like my Mama said
And she was just a rude girl
So naughty just like me
I'm just a common rude boy
And there's no place for me

Right past church, preacher said
With a look so disapproving
Cos you play in a band, the chicks gonna dance
Sinful when they are moving
Watch him say: "holy shit"
As a girl passes his inspection
I'm just right, I make no mistake
Just take one look at his errection

I come home, Mama stares
Her look is so full of hatred
"Knödel mit Kraut", they got cold
Why did you keep us waiting?
There will be better days
I know my time is coming
The world, Mama, too
Won't ever stop me running

I'm just a common rude boy…

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