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Shut up and Dance
Bavarian Ska Maniacs
Best of ... live!
A fistful of Offbeat
Sex sells
Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
Three Tone S'kaa


deutsch original

Some diehard people try to rate who's in or out
Mostly it depends on music, style or clothes
Doncha fall in line!
Don't divide the folks like this
You know, styles demand an attitude and not a trend

There's no punkrock in your life
No revolutions in your mind
Your days are dumb, your nights are pale
There' nothing that lies behind
Search for a meaning in your life
Start revolutions in your mind
There must be something more than this
Our lifestyle must not be designed

Some diehard people try to rate what's hip or not
To define the world within their own narrow borders
Their time is running out
This world's not so fucking easy!
Just keep away from them and play your game
Like you always wanted to!

There's no punkrock in your life…

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