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Shut up and Dance
Bavarian Ska Maniacs
Best of ... live!
A fistful of Offbeat
Sex sells
Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
Three Tone S'kaa

Shut Up And Dance

english original

Another day spoilt by thinking only about crap.
New day – new chance, and again completely missed.
Somehow you have the feeling, someone’s laughin’ bout you above.
And you know damn-well, this day didn’t make it once more.

Shut up and dance – no more time to lose right now.
Life is far too short, so c’mon just let it flow.

Those greasy, licked TV-faces make you fucking sick.
Your life really sucks and they just remember you about this.
Hot Chicks and hotter cars – But nothing there for you.
You only get leftovers and I know you don’t like that.
Shut up and dance...

C’mon, don’t let go, stand up, show who you are!
We wanna see you here, and we want you not to forget:
Let’s freak out, hey, just come here!
Let your hair down, be loud, be nuts!
Here plays a band, don’t bet he jerk: Shut up and fucking dance!
Shut up and dance...

© beNUTS | Impressum