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Shut up and Dance
Bavarian Ska Maniacs
Best of ... live!
A fistful of Offbeat
Sex sells
Nutty by nature
Captain Rude
Three Tone S'kaa

Mai Nichi

deutsch english Kanji original

Every day I think, everything is changing.
But nothing ever changes, the days just pass.
Every day I believe it’s gonna be fine one day
It’s a dream and it stays a dream
because nothing ever changes

Every day I’m searching for sense, but I don’t find any.
Even though I don’t know why, I keep on searching.
Day by day I feel my heart’s emptyness inside.
Nothing has changed and it seems
my heart always stays empty.

Our life is like a flower’s blossom
That’s losing ist leaves.
I see the seasons, I see the people
And as hard as I try – I do not understand.

Every day I’m singing about everyday’s life.
Meanwhile I’m forgetting about the now.
Every day is different. Every day comes anew.
Yesterday’s tomorrow is today’s past,
And everything’s changing.

Our life is like a flower’s blossom...

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